Working Capital Loans to Help Achieve Stability

For small businesses, cash flow management can be complicated and difficult. Cash on hand can help fund daily operations, but one lull can wipe out a small business owner’s reserves and leave them scrambling.

Working capital loans from Fundation enable you to help your client cover operating costs and focus on the bigger picture. Whether your client needs to expand their facilities, invest in marketing, purchase new equipment or hire more employees, we offer the best working capital loans for small businesses to take advantage of the possibilities.


  • Conventional term loan-only pay interest on the amount for the time borrowed
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Apply online in less than 10 minutes, capital available in 3 business days
  • Interest rates as low as 7.99%*
  • No prepayment penalties

*Rates are subject to each customer’s unique credit profile and history

Help your clients apply for a working capital business loan today, and allow them to focus their attention on the future.

Working Capital Business Loans With Flexible Terms Designed for Your Clients’ Individual Needs

We see our partners and their clients as unique. Rather than offering working capital business loans designed for entire industries or broad credit profiles, we learn about your client’s business in order to create small business lending solutions that fit those needs. Our working capital loans for small businesses feature:

  • Principal amounts up to $150,000
  • 1 and 2-year terms
  • Fixed rates
  • Convenient twice-monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties

These working capital loans have helped small businesses nationwide catch up on wages, stabilize inventory, pay off utilities, bridge gaps when business is slow and make giant leaps in maximizing revenue streams.

If your clients are exhausted by the daily struggle to keep their doors open, contact Fundation. We can provide the working capital that your client’s business needs to operate daily and plan for a thriving future.

Help Your Clients Rid Themselves of Cash Flow Fear

When your clients need cash for their small businesses, our working capital loans provide them with the freedom they’ve always wanted—freedom to pursue growth rather than stress about operating expenses. We know that modern businesses have unique needs. Fundation is the small business lending source that meets these unique needs, partnering with you to see your client’s business reach its full potential.

Contact Fundation to help your clients apply for small business loans, and move forward with confidence.