The Trusted Source for Non-Bank Loans

Banks have traditionally served as the go-to lender for small business loans. Unfortunately, banks are ill suited to meet the needs of today’s growing companies. Unlike non-bank lenders, banks prefer large principal amounts that you don’t always need, and they require high-quality collateral that you don’t always have.

What is the growing company to do?

Consider a non-bank loan. Fundation is the non-bank lender that provides fixed rate small business loans that calculate simple interest. Rather than a weeks-long credit check, our investment capital backed loans can accelerate the decision and funding processes—so that you get the growth capital you need, faster.

We see our customers as more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Our desire is to understand your company’s story, its goals and its vision for the future. We want to be more than just your non-bank lender. We want to be your partner in pursuit of success.


  • Conventional term loan-only pay interest on the amount for the time borrowed
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Apply online in less than 10 minutes, capital available in 3 business days
  • Interest rates as low as 7.99%*
  • No prepayment penalties

*Rates are subject to each customer’s unique credit profile and history

Apply today and secure a non-bank loan for your growing business.

A Non-Bank Lender Serving Small and Growing Businesses

The common thread among our clients is exciting growth that demands additional capital. We provide this capital to small businesses in a variety of industries, including:

If you need capital to seize opportunities, execute growth plans or simply stabilize cash flow, Fundation is your source for non-bank loans. We fill a gap in small business lending, one that prevents too many companies from reaching their full potential.

Customized Small Business Lending: The Fundation Advantage

Our presence in different industries nationwide enables us to make informed recommendations on your small business financing options, based on real-time insights. When you need a trusted partner, choose the direct lender that provides knowledge, responsiveness and security. Choose Fundation.

Contact Fundation to learn more about the ease and availability of non-bank loans, and apply for your small business loan today.