Inventory Loans That Provide Stability

You can’t plan for growth until you stabilize inventory. Businesses must carry enough products to meet demand—without filling warehouses to overflowing. This challenge is even greater if you experience seasonal demand.

Fundation provides inventory loans that help manage this volatile aspect of doing business. Get the funds you need to achieve optimal inventory, and focus on what matters most: seeing your business reach its full potential.


  • Conventional term loan-only pay interest on the amount for the time borrowed
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Apply online in less than 10 minutes, capital available in 3 business days
  • Interest rates as low as 7.99%*
  • No prepayment penalties

*Rates are subject to each customer’s unique credit profile and history

Apply today to secure the inventory financing you need and focus on the future.

Inventory Financing: Why Fundation?

Many traditional business lenders are out of touch with the needs of modern companies.

We serve small businesses just like yours. When you apply for an inventory loan with Fundation, you are more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We want to know your full story, your goals and your vision for the future. Fundation is a direct lender that serves each customer with an emphasis on:

  • Sensibility: Each inventory loan features comfortable terms and payments that promote growth.
  • Personalization: Rather than one-size-fits-all products, we design small business loans to meet the unique needs of unique businesses.
  • Commitment: We invest our own money—there’s no middleman—and we view our relationship as a true partnership.
  • Security: Our fast and simple lending process relies on technology but never compromises the safety of your information.

Secure Your Inventory Loan Today

Owning and running a small business is thrilling. That thrill can disappear quickly through periods of volatile demand and the challenge of managing inventory.

Fundation is here to help. Our small business lending solutions allow you to secure the perfect inventory, freeing you to focus on growth and the future.

Your personalized inventory loan is just a call or click away. Contact Fundation to apply for a small business loan and stabilize your inventory.