Fixed Rate Loans That Provide Predictability and Peace of Mind

Predictability and security are vital as you navigate growth strategies. Fundation’s fixed rate business loans provide both, freeing you to worry less about month-to-month obligations and to focus more on your vision for the future.

Our small business loans also feature simple interest: you pay only on your remaining balance. Enjoy flexible refinancing options, prepayment without penalty and terms that meet your specific needs.

This approach to small business funding is designed to better serve modern businesses. Our mission is to see your company reach its full potential.


  • Conventional term loan-only pay interest on the amount for the time borrowed
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Apply online in less than 10 minutes, capital available in 3 business days
  • Interest rates as low as 7.99%*
  • No prepayment penalties

*Rates are subject to each customer’s unique credit profile and history

Apply today, and secure your fixed rate business loan.

Fixed Rate Business Loans Designed for Your Needs

We see each customer as unique. While banks lump you into a category and evaluate your credit profile on numbers alone, we want to know your full story. This enables us to make customized small business financing recommendations that best serve your interests. When you choose Fundation as your direct lender, the customer experience includes:

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Direct access to a client representative
  • Capital that helps you grow

Our job as your direct lending partner is to enhance cash flow, not cut into it. Everything we do is designed to create a satisfying, mutually beneficial relationship that sees your business reach ultimate success, with the help of our fixed rate business loans.

Easy Application, Fast Capital

The growth capital you need can be yours in no time. Take 10 minutes to fill out our simple online small business loan application, or call one of our client representatives to start the process. We’ve found that our customers value ease and efficiency, so that’s what we emphasize. Decisions and funding come in a very short time.

Contact Fundation and learn more about your fixed rate business loan options.