Filling the Void in the Commercial Business Loan Market

The traditional path to commercial business loans runs through banks. These banks and other commercial loan lenders rely on large principal amounts to help cover the cost of origination. They like to see significant credit depth and secure high-quality collateral.

But modern businesses don’t always need large loans, and they don’t always have the credit or collateral that traditional business lenders require—yet they still need capital.

Enter Fundation.

We are a direct commercial loan lender driven by the unique needs of today’s small businesses. We use technology to quickly evaluate small business loan applications and provide fast funding that delivers the growth capital you need, quickly.


  • Conventional term loan-only pay interest on the amount for the time borrowed
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Apply online in less than 10 minutes, capital available in 3 business days
  • Interest rates as low as 7.99%*
  • No prepayment penalties

*Rates are subject to each customer’s unique credit profile and history

Apply today for a commercial business loan that can spur your growth.

Unique Commercial Loans for Unique Businesses

At Fundation, we understand your clients’ businesses on a personal level. Rather than making commercial business loan recommendations based on the industry or numbers on a spreadsheet, we take time to understand what truly makes sense for your client’s business, the financial goals, and the immediate and long-term capital needs.

Terms are based on a number of factors, including:

  • Past payment history
  • Outstanding debt
  • Credit history
  • Industry served
  • Profitability

Fundation is a direct commercial lender that wants to see every business customer reach its full potential. We move quickly to provide commercial business loans that meet your clients’ needs. We know that your clients’ businesses face urgent needs, and we move quickly to provide the financing to meet them.

Applying for a Commercial Business Loan: A Streamlined Process

Applying for a small business loan at a bank is a long, arduous and complicated process. At Fundation, applying for growth capital is fast, simple and secure. Our online small business loan application takes about 10 minutes, and you can receive a decision and loan proceeds quickly.

Contact Fundation to secure the commercial business loan that secures your future.