Banks and other traditional sources of capital struggle to meet the needs of modern businesses. They need large loan principals to cover the cost of origination, and they ask for significant credit depth and high-quality collateral—assets that few start-ups or small businesses possess.


At Fundation, we fill this gap in small business lending with loans at fixed rates with simple interest. We offer a wide range of small business loan types through which we equip our customers with growth capital specially designed for their unique needs.


Apply today for a small loan that makes a big difference in your business.


Choice When Charting Your Future


Many small businesses are experiencing rapid growth but lack the credit profile to get funding from a bank or other traditional outlet. That’s where Fundation comes in. We supply you with the knowledge you need, so that together we can find the best small business financing solution for your company’s needs. Learn more about our loan applications, including:



These short-term, bank-like loans feature the advantages of fixed rates and simple interest. When you need an alternative to traditional lenders, Fundation provides a customized small business funding solution for your growing business.


Take the Next Step Toward Growth


When opportunity presents itself, you need the funds to take action. Fundation is the direct lending source that moves quickly to meet your needs. Our simple, secure online small business loan application takes about 10 minutes, and approved loans place funds in your account quickly.


The modern business needs a direct loan lender it can trust. Fundation is that source for growth capital—a partner in your journey toward success.


Contact us to learn more about the direct lending options available to your business, and apply for your small business loan today!