Providing Small Business Loans Nationwide

At Fundation, we help our partners provide customized credit products to small businesses across the country, supporting growth in a variety of industries. Our small business lending products feature fixed rates and transparency.

Help your clients apply for small business loans today for a fast, easy process in a wide variety of locations.

Fundation offers small business loans to companies in the following states:

Alabama Kansas North Carolina
Alaska Kentucky Ohio
Arizona Louisiana Oklahoma
Arkansas Maine Oregon
California Maryland Pennsylvania
Colorado Massachusetts Rhode Island
Connecticut Michigan South Carolina
Delaware Minnesota Tennessee
District of Columbia Mississippi Texas
Florida Missouri Utah
Georgia Montana Virginia
Hawaii Nebraska Washington
Idaho New Hampshire West Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Wisconsin
Indiana New Mexico Wyoming
Iowa New York


* Note that we do not offer loans in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada and Vermont or outside of the United States.

Get the Growth Capital You Need, When You Need It

When opportunity appears, you need the capital to seize it. With the best-in-class technology platform, Fundation is able move quickly in making decisions about your small business financing plan and distributing necessary funds. If your business is faced with an urgent need, Fundation can provide a loan in just a matter of days, no matter your company’s location.

Contact Fundation today to discuss your small business loan options with a Customer Relationship Manager and discover a customized financing solution that meets your company’s specific needs.