Small Business Loans for Your Industry

Traditional business lenders offer poor financing solutions for the modern small business. Banks and other sources require large principal amounts that few small businesses need, and they require credit depth and high-quality collateral that many small businesses lack.

Fundation is different.

We are a direct lender serving companies from a variety of industries with small business loans that feature fixed rates, simple interest and other cash-flow-promoting terms. We design solutions that meet your growth needs while providing comfortable payments. Our goal is to see you achieve success—and we offer the products and support to deliver.

Apply today and let us help you get a small business loan that fits your unique needs and industry.

Growth Capital When You Need It

Starting a business is rife with challenges. You must stabilize cash flow, secure inventory, meet monthly debt obligations and still find time to pursue growth plans.

Fundation makes life easier for companies by designing alternative small business loans to alleviate these challenges. We work nationwide with businesses in various industries, including:

These small businesses use loan proceeds for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Expanding to new locations
  • Renovating facilities
  • Adding new services
  • Hiring new staff
  • More

If your business is growing significantly, our business expansion loans provide larger principal amounts and lengthier terms, which enables customers to make big investments while making smaller, more manageable payments—reducing pressure on cash flow.

Fundation is your trusted direct lending partner for business expansion loans and much more. We consider ourselves successful only when your business reaches its full potential.

The Non-Traditional, Alternative Business Financing Path

If the search for capital becomes frustrating, turn to the non-traditional source for small business financing. Fundation looks beyond the numbers to understand your company’s story, its goals and its path to a better future. We can provide the alternative business funding needed to achieve growth.

Contact Fundation today and discover how we assist businesses in a variety of industries.