Partner Solutions

We Offer a Range of Solutions — From Simple Referral Programs to Highly Integrated Platform Solutions

We are proud to be a trusted partner of a broad range of firms that serve the small business market. In any partnership we develop, our goal is to develop a solution that enhances the value proposition that our partners can offer their small business customers and clients. We do this by offering substantial flexibility in how we align our capabilities with the way our partners do business.

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B2B Companies

Who We Partner With

Online marketplaces, B2B service providers, Equipment manufacturers and dealers and others who have a SMB customer base in need of financing

What We Do

We deliver capital at the time of need, whether it be to fund a purchase of goods or services or for working capital or expansion

How We Do It

We integrate our lending program into the customer touch points of our partners to deliver capital to their SMB customers seamlessly

Fundation is unique in the marketplace – we offer conventional credit products but through an unconventionally simple and convenient process. Our world-class platform allows us to have maximum flexibility of how we align our capabilities with the way you interact (or want to interact) with your customers. As a direct lender, we deploy our own capital, retaining and servicing the loans, which means our interests are aligned with yours and your customers.

Fundation Can Help You

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Deliver credit to your customer population through your customer touch points

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Integrate our platform and credit delivery process based on your requirements and the way you do business

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Build and maintain customer relationships for the long-term

Who We Partner With

B2B Companies

Fundation partners with firms to provide point-of-sale to facilitate the financing of the purchase of a wide range of goods and services. By working closely with our partners, we create tailored credit solutions ranging from traditional term loans to innovative payment plans to finance transactions for their small business clients.

Large Scale Service Providers to the SMB MarketCase Study: MBDA

Fundation has partnered with the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to provide minority business enterprises (MBEs) with expanded access to capital. By working with Fundation, the national network of MBDA Business Centers can offer its clients a streamlined loan application process where decisions and funds can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

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Advisors and Consultants to the Small Business Market

Who We Partner With

Commercial Loan BrokersConsultantsCPAs and AccountantsAttorneysInvestment Advisers

What We Do

We deliver credit through referrals from advisors and consultants to the SMB community

How We Do It

We streamline the borrowing process for the clients of our partners. Integrate with us or submit, track and close transactions through our partner portal

We deliver conventional lending products through an unconventionally simple process.  Our technology makes the entire process convenient for you and your clients, including a best-in-class loan application and tracking portal.  We can reach decisions quickly and limit the documentation required from your clients.

What We Offer

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Loans up to $500,000 and up to 4-year repayment terms

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Client-friendly product features

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Dedicated relationship management

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Outstanding technology

Our technology solutions for our referral partners:

Partner Portal

• Easily submit your client loan applications—completed in under 7 minutes

• Track and view incomplete and “in-process” applications

• Facilitate your client’s application process with the ability to upload their financials and other information


• Maintain the customer experience you want to offer your clients

• Integrate with us on your back-end to drive real-time pre-qualifications or credit decisions