Why Fundation?

little We’re redefining the way small businesses borrow money

Fundation is one of the nation’s leading online direct lenders. We offer the benefits of a bank loan—through a quick and simple process.

We have a singular focus: to give you the best possible borrowing experience in order to build a long-lasting relationship with you as your trusted debt capital provider.

Here’s how we do it:

  • A 10-minute, highly secure application process—Our proprietary application software is engineered to efficiently capture credit, public-record and government-database information, so that you don’t have to fill out extensive paperwork.
  • A first-of-its-kind interactive online application—Our online application process is nothing short of revolutionary. It’s completely transparent. Once you’ve entered your information, we will show you how it’s being interpreted by our system.
  • Concierge-level service—Your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will partner with you for as long as you do business with Fundation.
  • Flexibility—At Fundation, we understand the way smaller businesses operate. Our unique business model allows us to lend to a wider spectrum of borrowers. Even better, if you already have a bank loan, keep it. We provide loans that are subordinate to bank loans all the time, in order to help our customers take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.
  • The best product on the market—A fixed rate, simple interest term loan. “Simple interest” means you pay interest based on your outstanding balance. And there’s no penalty if you pay us off early. Many of our competitors charge you a fixed amount of interest, no matter when you repay.


little We originate and hold loans we make.

Because we commit our own capital in the success of your business, our goal is to create a long-term partnership with you. That’s why we’re pleased to say that many of our borrowers come back to us for more capital after their first loan.

Our capital base comes from some of the leading investors in the commercial and consumer lending markets:


little_arrow Protecting your information is critically important to us.

We understand and appreciate that you’re placing your trust in us when you conduct business on our website. Our one-of-a-kind, proprietary application software is designed to protect your information and is tested by security specialists.


little_arrow Meet our team of passionate and experienced industry experts.

Fundation’s management team has collectively managed billions of dollars of originations of loans and leases in the small business and consumer lending markets. Our expertise with a technology-driven approach to lending is truly second to none.

Sam Graziano

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Graziano is a seasoned financial services executive and entrepreneur. Mr. Graziano co-founded Fundation and has served as its Chief Executive Officer since 2011. He is directly responsible for the strategic direction and fiscal growth of the company. Prior to founding Fundation, Mr. Graziano spent more than a decade in investment banking and private equity, where he developed an expertise in strategic, financial and operational issues for banks, specialty finance companies, asset managers, broker/dealers and other institutions throughout the financial services sector. Previously, Mr. Graziano served as Principal with Centerview Partners, where he provided strategic and financial advisory services to some of the nation’s largest and most recognizable financial services companies. Mr. Graziano’s experience includes serving as a Vice President with Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, the nation’s largest boutique investment bank focused on the financial services sector, where he executed dozens of mergers and corporate finance transactions and co-founded the firm’s private equity practice.

Mahinda Yapa

Executive Vice President, Head of Judgmental Lending

Mr. Yapa has served as the Executive Vice President of Judgmental Lending since 2013. Prior to Fundation, Mr. Yapa served as head of the small business lending arm of Pitney Bowes Financial, one of the nation's largest small business lenders, where he managed a $3 billion portfolio of small business loans, lines, and leases. A specialist in the space for over 20 years, Mr. Yapa is considered an industry thought leader in data driven and automated lending to small businesses.

Mark E. Benson

Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer

Mark E. Benson has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer since 2014. Prior to Fundation, Mr. Benson served as Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer for Double Rock Corporation, a leading group of financial technology companies. Previously, Mr. Benson served as President of Mark E. Benson & Associates, a full-service integrated marketing firm with clients that included Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) and prior to that Mr. Benson was Chief Marketing Officer for KeyBank USA, National Association’s Champion Mortgage, a division of KeyCorp (KEY). Mr. Benson’s other senior-level positions include Executive Vice President, Marketing for the Economic Development Corporation in New York City and National Director of Marketing and Communications for the global securities company DCI. Mr. Benson brings to Fundation 25 years of experience building brands and positioning companies as industry leaders, while positively impacting their employees, clients and shareholders and exponentially growing revenue and profitability.

Sandip Nayak

Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Nayak has served as Fundation's Head of Credit Strategy and Analytics since 2013. Prior to Fundation, Mr. Nayak held key leadership and management roles in data driven and judgmental lending at Citigroup and Capital One. His time in these roles have made him passionate about creating value through credit innovations and behavior sciences in the underserved market of small businesses.

Doug Gordon

Executive Vice President

Mr. Gordon has served as the Executive Vice President of Fundation since 2011 when he co-founded the company with Sam Graziano. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Gordon attended Bucknell University where he identified the need for an innovative approach to small business lending. Doug has become an expert on the small business lending landscape and on the business models, risk factors, and success drivers across the hundreds of small business industry sectors.

Sam Hu

Executive Vice President, Head of Legal, Compliance, and Operations

Mr. Hu has served as the Head of Legal, Compliance, and Operations at Fundation since 2014. Prior to Fundation, Mr. Hu was an attorney at Chapman & Cutler LLP where he developed a niche practice focused on advising participants in the online marketplace lending, direct lending and crowdfunding industry and became a recognized thought leader on legal and regulatory issues affecting these emerging industries. With over 10 years of experience in the technology, financial services and legal industry, Mr. Hu brings a diverse and unique perspective to Fundation and is responsible for ensuring that Fundation's growth remains highly scalable and fully compliant with application regulations.

Sam Graziano Mahinda Yapa Mark E. Benson Sandip Nayak Doug Gordon Sam Hu

Success Story

Trucking company business owner borrowed $100,000 from Fundation to keep his business afloat.

  • roung

    " We recently found ourselves in a position where we were in need of a significant amount of cash. All that was being offered were multiple small amounts of money which would only have caused further financial difficulties. Due to Fundation analyzing our needs and ultimately funding us in an amount that enabled us to consolidate all of our outstanding debt at both a great term and lower rate, we are now back on track and ready to continue to move in a positive direction. "