Customer Experience

We treat small business customers with great care throughout the lending process - from application to funding to customer service.

Award-Winning Customer Experience*

Products with simple, transparent and customer-friendly features like no prepayment penalties and competitive pricing to aid small businesses in managing cash flow or growing their businesses

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Award-winning* customer service featuring a revolutionary online application and dedicated customer relationship management

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Because we use our own capital, our interests are aligned with those of our borrowers.  We focus on “positive intent” -- we understand that small businesses have “hiccups” in their operations that sometimes require accommodations.

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Commitment to transparency in our lending processes because we build relationships with our borrowers that extend beyond the first transaction.

* Business News Daily, January 2017, May 2016, October 2015, Best Alternative Lender for Working Capital Loans

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Revolutionary Process

We provide a revolutionary small business borrowing experience


For customers who apply online, they experience real-time, interactive feedback during their loan application process, so that customers can understand exactly how we evaluate their applications


Minimal documentation required, electronic closing, and funding available as soon as 1 business day after completing our online application


Easy and convenient online account access to perform a variety of account management activities

The only online loan application that gives instant customer feedback

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Building Relationships

We Offer Dedicated Service to Drive A Positive Borrower Experience

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We offer a dedicated point of contact for customers throughout the application process

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Refinance without penalty or fees when borrowers need more capital

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We maintain a service approach we call “positive intent” to help borrowers be successful if they have short term business challenges