How a Working Capital Loan Can Help Your Business Succeed

Fundation's working capital loans for small businesses help make necessary changes to succeed.

Running a small business comes with the realities of month-to-month operations — satisfying payroll, purchasing inventory, paying bills and much more.

Working capital loans for small business endeavors take the stress out of the day-to-day battle to stabilize finances and keep the company’s doors open. When you stop worrying about paying the bills, you can focus on improving your business and taking advantage of growth opportunities.

How do small business working capital loans work? Here’s a quick rundown:

A Different Kind of Small Business Loan

Almost any small business loan application will require a loan purpose. Not working capital business loans. This is a special category of loan that is made to help you meet your monthly obligations; day-to-day operations that aren’t necessarily related to profitability.

Working capital is a known concept in business lending, and you’ll find a number of options when looking for a working capital loan.

At Fundation, we offer business capital loans in principal amounts up to $150,000. These loans feature 1- and 2-year terms, as well as fixed interest rates. You make payments twice monthly, and there’s no prepayment penalty.

How Funds Are Used

Any business owner knows that revenue is rarely constant throughout the year. If you don’t have a significant cash base, lulls in revenue can put pressure on your ability to meet payroll, purchase inventory, replenish supplies, pay bills and satisfy any number of other regular obligations.

When you secure a working capital loan for your small business, you have a reserve that can help cover these expenses. If it’s low season, you don’t have to worry about making payroll. If your boom season is coming, you have extra cash to boost your inventory.

While business capital loans are not used for growth, they can give you the flexibility needed to take advantage of opportunities.

The Freedom to Seize Opportunity

Yes, working capital loans provide small businesses the strength to weather downturns. They also give small businesses the freedom to seize opportunities.

Here’s a scenario: You have the chance to acquire a key competitor. The business acquisition would be a huge boon to your future prospects. But applying existing capital toward the purchase would put into jeopardy your ability to cover upcoming expenses.

With a working capital loan, you have the money needed to satisfy monthly obligations — freeing up your capital to use for an acquisition, or a key hire, or the introduction of a new product.

Nothing undermines growth more than battling each month to stay afloat. Fundation provides working capital for small businesses, helping these growing companies stabilize operations so that they can focus on what matters most — sustaining success and growing for the future.

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