Simple Services That Can Set Your Hotel Apart

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association there are over 52,000 lodging properties in the United States, so if you want customers to choose yours, you need to give them a reason. In many instances, it is precisely what you offer as the smaller, local alternative—the embodiment of your neighborhood culture.  You don’t have to be a large luxury hotel or backed by a big brand name to give your guests a remarkable experience. Here are some suggestions for how you can make your establishment a destination rather than just a place to stay.

Be the experts. As a smaller hotel or motel, you can make your guests feel they are in their home away from home.  Supply them with maps, a list of or brochures for popular things to do in the area, and a calendar of local events that are occurring that week. Is your town known for great art fairs or an annual Polar Bear Plunge? Key your guests in to the local goings-on. Laying out routes of how to get to these events—or how to get around in general—can be a huge help to those attempting to navigate an unfamiliar area. Point out favorite or off-the-beaten-path eateries or watering holes. If there is a private beach nearby, offering up some guest passes would be a great value to patrons.  Offer rides or shuttle service to big attractions.

Partner locally. In keeping with the local theme, there are a number of ways you can collaborate with other local businesses within your service offerings. Have a local chocolatier in town? Leave one of their treats on pillows at turndown time. Stock local brews or snacks for sale or complimentary in room snack bars, or decorate the hotel with flowers from local florists.

We’re glad you’re here. In addition to greetings from your friendly, welcoming, and resourceful staff, allowing travel-weary customers amenities right at the front desk can put them at ease. Try placing a decanter of cold water with lemon at the front desk on a hot day, or a plate of cookies in the evening.

Small touches like these will make your guests’ stay memorable.

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