Fundation CEO Sam Graziano Serves on “Funding US Businesses” Panel at the AltFi Global Summit

NEW YORK, November 4, 2014 – Fending’ platforms at the AltFi Global Summit at NASundation Group LLC’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Graziano, participated with a group of other executives from ‘Alternative lDAQ in New York. Mr. Graziano’s panel was entitled “Funding US Businesses – Lending to Small Businesses.”

Mr. Graziano challenged the assertion that process inefficiencies are the principal driver of a reduction in small business lending by the banking systems. Mr. Graziano commented that “process inefficiencies are certainly a contributor, but I believe the main drivers of bank retrenchment from the small business lending market are an extremely diverse customer population, limited or no collateral, and historical observations that would demonstrate that loan loss rates that are materially outside of the tolerance of banks and bank regulators.”

The audience at Altfi consisted of approximately 250 investors, wealth managers, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and other participants in the marketplace lending and alternative lending industry. Co-Panelists included Albert Periu of Funding Circle, Gary Chodes of Raiseworks, Jeffrey Rogers of LiftForward, Krista Morgan of P2Binvestor, and Tabitha Creighton of InvestNextDoor.

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