Fundation Announces Record First Year in Online Commercial Lending Industry, Hires Industry Leaders


Fundation Group LLC announced that on May 20, 2014, it completed its first full year of operations since releasing its long-term loan product publicly to the small business market.

Fundation Group LLC Co-Founder and CEO Sam Graziano represented the small balance commercial lending industry on Friday, June 13th at the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Summit in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Graziano served on a panel titled “Accessing Alternative Capital” where he discussed the competitive landscape for small businesses seeking debt capital. He highlighted the stark differences between firms that deliver a value add product designed around borrowers building a more sustainable capital structure versus those that are consuming a disproportionate amount of small businesses’ cash flow.

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About Fundation

Fundation combines the benefits of a bank loan with the ease and efficiency of an online lender. We offer conventional loans with competitive rates to businesses with varying credit profiles. Our technology allows us to deliver capital in as few as 3 business days through streamlining the collection and evaluation of customer information and conducting the majority of the lending process electronically. As a direct lender, we use our own capital to originate and hold the loans we make, so that we can focus on building relationships with our customers. Our dedicated customer relationship model enables us to understand each unique borrower’s business. This level of service, coupled with our best-in-class products, is why many of our customers come back to us repeatedly for more capital.

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