4 Simple Ways to Give Your Small Garage a Bigger Web Presence

Small garages can have large web presences. Auto repair shop loans can help.

When growing your business, an online web presence is key. While word of mouth is still king, the spread of news can be amplified through the use of social media. For small auto repair shops, this can make all the difference in setting your business apart from the rest.

So, what should you focus on when building your site? Here are four easy things to keep in mind when going digital.

Define Your Message

Tell customer upfront what services your garage can offer that others cannot.
Do you provide a free local shuttle service? What repair guarantees do you have? Are your repairs performed by ASE Certified Technicians? Do you specialize in a specific type of repair? Make sure your customers know by making this message easily accessible and well defined on your site.

Be Social

Build Twitter, Facebook, Instagram presence in addition to your site.
Having a website is simply not enough these days. You want to connect to your community through channels where they can easily find you. Link your site to social media outlets and start posting! Post photos of your shop on Instagram, connect to customers you have helped through Twitter, and write Facebook posts on how drivers can better care for their cars.

Assist the Customer

You make their lives easier, and they will choose you.
Your site should make a customer’s experience easy and enjoyable. Make sure they are able to book online appointments, complete with automated reminders of maintenance service.


The look and feel of your website does matter!
Introduce you and your team to potential customers, make your shop feel friendly and community oriented.

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