Banking Solutions

We Work with Banks to Help Them Enhance Their Small Business Credit Delivery Process

We create customized, integrated lending programs that enable our bank partners to develop a digital lending capability, provide a great customer experience, drive cost efficiency into their small business lending program, and maximize the number of customers they can serve.

What We Do

We work with our bank partners to re-engineer their small business credit deliver program

How We Do It

Our solutions range from simple digital applications to ‘platform’ solutions to a full end-to-end solution where banks can outsource all or substantial portions of their small business credit delivery process to us

In every partnership we develop, we aim to do just that: be a partner, not just a vendor. Our goal is to align our capabilities with the strategy, systems and processes of our partners. The benefits of working with us are substantial:

Develop a digital (online, mobile) customer acquisition channel

Offer your SMB commercial customers the simplicity, speed and convenience of a digitally delivered credit application and closing process

Lower costs to serve the smb market

Use our platform to drive efficiency into your lending processes or use us as your private labeled SMB lending unit while maintaining full control over policies and procedures

Preserve and Grow Your Customer Relationships

More and more SMBs are seeking the ease and simplicity of digital lending processes - don’t risk your customer relationships by not providing them the ease of accessing credit that they are coming to expect

Broaden the population of small business customers you serve by using our balance sheet alongside yours, allowing you to say “yes” to more applicants

Grow Revenues and Assets

Put more earning assets on your balance sheet that meet your credit risk tolerance while earning fee income on incremental assets that can be booked and retained by Fundation

Who We Partner With

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